10 Good Reasons to study Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is one of the major fields in the world that witnesses rapid growth. The high demanding energy needs in the world has made the field full of challenges. Facing new challenges every day the field is becoming interesting day by day for the pursuers. The research in the field has gone beyond the grounds to deep down under the sea. This calls for great opportunities in the field for future aspirants. Here are 10 good reasons to study petroleum engineering. 

1. Growth in energy demand worldwide implies the demand the petroleum engineers

Growth in energy demand worldwide implies the demand the petroleum engineersIncreasing population is the main factor of increased energy needs. There is no field where there is no use of petroleum products and hence it makes a necessity to recruit the engineers in the field. Even if the oil reserve in the world finishes, still 40 to 50 percent of the oil remains. This calls for better extraction methods and better technological developments. 

2. You face less competition as a petroleum engineer

You face less competition as a petroleum engineerVery few universities and colleges across the globe offer petroleum engineering. Apart from that very few students are interested in going in to the field. From the very beginning of entering in to the field you do away with competition. Less completion also increases your chance of getting a good job in the field as soon as or before you complete your studies. 

3. You get to study great range of subjects while you continue with your studies

The field is considered as one interdisciplinary subject. You start studying about the procedure how hydrocarbons are produced and stored under the ground. From that on you keep studying subjects like mathematics, geology, thermodynamics, chemistry, fluid dynamics and many more. By studying all these subjects, you get the complete understanding of how oil and gases get produced. 

4. You have a range of career options in the petroleum industry

The sole job of the engineers is to spot and produce hydrocarbons from the ground. This requires a number of skills that an engineer has to perform. You may work as the part of a drilling rig which constitutes of a big team. There are many other works in the field which you can choose as a career option as long as you are in the field.

5. Petroleum engineers are paid lucrative salaries

The industry has highest salary rates. Graduates in the field can earn between $90,000 and $100,000 after the completion of their probation period which varies from companies to companies. The salary of the engineering professionals in the field increases in proportion to the hike in the price of petroleum products in the global market. 

6. You will have the best world travel experience as an engineer in the field

Most of the companies go on oil exploration sprees all across the world. As an engineer you need to be a part of the team as the company deputes you for a trip. If you love travelling across the world, there is no other job that you would love to be doing. You don’t need to spend a single penny for travelling across the world. 

7. Most of the petroleum engineers are hired before the completion of their studies

The most amazing part of the study in the field is that students get absorbed in different petroleum companies before they even complete their studies. This proves the growing demand of the specialized engineers in the field. In all other cases engineers get jobs after completing their studies which is quite easy to find in the demanding world for petroleum engineers.

8. The job in the field has good future worldwide 

As per the reports of US bureau of labor statistics the requirements in the petroleum engineering field is going to grow by 17 percent in the upcoming decade between 2010 and 2020. This increase is indicative of the growing demand of the engineers in the near future. 

9. You can go for research in the field as various universities are engaged in the research work

Some of the world class universities are carrying out research in the field in collaboration with various world class companies. You can join the institutes to fulfill your desires of doing research in the field. You can go outside the boundaries of your country to find a desirable place for your research. 

10. Technology changes very fast in this field which is a good way to learn things 

Every time a new technology is developed to spot and extract petroleum products beneath the ground. This fact can be better assumed from the evidence that most of the world class petroleum companies are now involved in extracting petroleum from the sea and oceans.  

Final points

The advantages in the field negate the challenges in the field with the presence of quality engineers who have made things simpler in the arduous environment. You should always choose a field that is challenging yet interesting. 











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