Automotive Engineer Salary and Future – Benefits and Challenges

For more than a century, the automotive industry represents one of the most lucrative fields of business in the entire world. While the recent economic downturn made an impact on it, the truth is that still consumers all over the world want and need automobiles, trucks and other vehicles of this type. This is also the reason why automotive engineer salary and future, both continue to look very prosperous and lucrative. Thanks to the opportunities that are offered to automotive engineers, many people every year, in many parts of the world, decide to pursue a career in the same field. 

But, at the same time, many are hesitant about entering this career path, because they wonder will the same trend continue into the future, or will some other global economic event force the automotive industry into a scaling down process that will undoubtedly change the nature of its career opportunities. To provide clarity into these questions, here are the key points about the issue of an automotive engineer salary and future it might bring for those who work as one.

What is an Automotive Engineer

People who work as an automotive engineer employ computers and specialized software packages to develop and also improve the technological systems used by the vehicles their company is making. This includes big systems like transmission or engine blocks, but also subsystems which play a smaller role in the workings of a vehicle, but are also very important. An automotive engineer is expected to serve as a supervisor and provider of directions during the construction, assessment, and modification phases, while he or she should also be present in the final testing phase of the same system or subsystem they designed. On some occasions, an automotive engineer will also be included in the process of developing and providing cost estimates and testing equipment or procedures that are used in the manufacturing domains of their company.

Education of an Automotive Engineer

Most automotive engineers have a strong background in what was once known as machine engineering, meaning that they are educated in the fields of machine technologies, covering internal combustion, electric, electronic and construction areas. At the same time, they also need to be very skilled with computer-aside programs that are used for providing calculations and design plans for their projects. Automotive engineer salary and future are tightly connected to their formal education, but also their ability to expand their knowledge in the vital areas that are only being developed during their time in a certain company. Those who are flexible enough to apply these new technologies have a much bigger chance for advancement in their careers.

Automotive Engineer Salary Ranges

Generally speaking, the position of an automotive engineer is very lucrative. A junior engineer who just got employed can expect a salary or around 64,000 US dollars per year, while a senior position that demands more practical experience of working in the automotive industry can earn up to 96,000 US dollars. On average, this position will produce an average wage that should be around 69,000 US dollars a year. But, at the same time, automotive engineers that have more than a decade worth of experience are expected to earn over 100k on a yearly base. But, there are also regional issues when it comes to this position. Currently, highest paid automotive engineers are working in Alaska, where their average salary is around 98,000 US dollars. Also, automotive engineers can work outside of the automotive industries. For example, those who work in the Arts and Entertainment as automotive engineers, which include designing specialized stunt cars for blockbuster movies, earn over 11,000 US dollars a year.

The Future of Automotive Engineers

There is no doubt that the environment of the automotive industry is changing. Just two decades ago, gigantic cars with big consumption rates were the most sought after commodity on this market. But now, smaller and smaller vehicles are getting popular, which leave an ever tinier effect on the planet and its natural environment. Other technological advances, like better batteries for electric vehicles, are also offering people with alternatives to traditional internal combustion cars and trucks. But, no matter what changes occur in the future, automotive engineers will still be needed to apply these changes into practice. Without their expertise and skills, these technologies would not be incorporated into the new generations of vehicles, so there is no doubt that this position will continue to be very sought after in the coming decades. This is the main reason why automotive engineer salary and future continue to seem like a very good choice for any part of the world. 

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