What Do Petroleum Engineers Do?

For those who aren’t aware, petroleum engineers are the group of professionals who design methods that are utilized to extract oil and gas deposits from below the earth’s surface. Once these mineral resources have been discovered, petroleum engineers are asked to work with geologists, as well as other specialists who are familiar with the geologic … Read more

How to Become A Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineer is one of the most popular jobs in the world today. Many people want to have this career because it has a lot of opportunities for most people today. It is one of the highest paid careers in any types of disciplines these days. However, all people should learn about how to become … Read more

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools In The World In 2015

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools In The World

Chemical engineering is one of the main branches of engineering that involves the application of experimental sciences such as physics and chemistry and life sciences like biochemistry, biology and microbiology with a combination of economics and mathematics to come transform, move, produce and correctly use materials, chemicals and energy. Put simply, chemical engineering is the … Read more

Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Schools In The World In 2015

Petroleum Engineering Schools In The World

Petroleum engineering involves the¬†exploration and extraction of petroleum based hydrocarbons like crude oil, natural gas and other energy forms from the earth for economic purposes.¬†Petroleum engineering can only be undertaken through the design, drilling and successful operation of the wells and their systems.¬† The study of this course in higher institutions of learning started way … Read more

Top 10 Architectural Engineering Schools In The World In 2016

Top 10 Architectural Engineering Schools In The World

Architectural engineering courses are now taught in many universities all over the world. Students can pursue this course under undergraduate and graduate levels. The architectural engineering program is a stand alone course separate from engineering as a whole. That said it is very different from all other engineering disciplines because of its multifaceted approach. What … Read more

Top 10 Biomedical Engineering Schools In The World In 2016

A Bachelor of Science in the field of biomedical Engineering is conferred upon a successful candidate after they have studied the undergraduate course for a duration of five years. The biomedical engineering degree is very much similar to a bachelor of science degree. Students who enroll to study a biomedical engineering degree will have to … Read more

Top 10 Best Aerospace Engineering Schools In The World In 2016

Aerospace engineering is the child of mechanical engineering which specifically study on the construction, development, design and technology of aircrafts and spacecrafts that the subject is to move in the fluid. Aerospace engineering should be involved with various technologies and knowledge such as aerodynamics, propulsion, avionics, materials science, structural analysis and manufacturing. The more modern … Read more

Top 10 Automotive Engineering Schools In The World In 2016

Automotive Engineering Schools

Automotive engineering is a part of vehicle engineering, also an exclusive major which consists of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Software, and safety engineering plus Designing. Because of how complicated the connection in the system of automobile and high demand, automotive engineering has been made up in order to make a better and professional quality of automobiles … Read more