Top 10 biomedical schools and colleges in the USA in 2015

Bioengineers and biomedical engineers apply their knowledge and skills in solving some problems that highly affect the quality of life on earth. There are many schools and colleges offering the biomedical degrees in the USA. The top ten institutions that offer this program are;

Georgia institute of technology

Georgia Institute of Technology  -RecoveredThis school offers many graduate degrees. One of programs is the biomedical degree. Student and the faculty members engage in research projects. Further the students also engage in volunteer work and coops in the area of Atlanta. Over 65% of their graduates originate from the engineering school.

University of California-san Diego

University of California copyThe university has more than 1350 graduate students who specialize in only six areas of academics. This school is highly popular for its bioengineering program. The school of engineering offers Master of Science, masters of engineering and also PhD programs. Their students also engage in M.D/PhD and M.D/M.S programs in coordination with the UCSD School of medicine which is also in a higher rank.

Duke University (Pratt)

The biomedical students in this school partner with the faculty and other outside researchers to investigate some topics. They conduct these researches in the many laboratories, facilities housed within the Durham and over 30 research centers. The wider range of research in this school highly complements the degree programs. The graduate students earns a masters of engineering management from one of the engineering departments which include biomedical, mechanical and material, electrical and computers and the department of engineering management.

Massachusetts institute of technology

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYThe institution has over 20 research centers which explore a wider range of topics like soldier nanotechnology, ocean engineering and cancer research. Their students also engage in university initiative programs like transportation. Those students with business ideas participate in the $100 Entrepreneur competition. This competition is usually with a purpose to provide the students with business start-up capital. The institution also offers a re-engineering program for engineering graduate students.

Stanford University

Stanford University copyAs a biomedical student in this institution, you learn in a diverse campus around the Silicon Valley. There are 65 labs and centers in this institution where students can easily carry out their research. Furthermore, the many companies around the Silicon Valley offer learning opportunities and internships to the graduates. More than 20 percent of the engineering students among the 3300 engineering students are women.

University of California- Berkeley

University of California, BerkeleyAll the graduate students at this university can only participate in an advanced graduate program in 8 areas. These areas include the industrial engineering and operations research and the applied science and technology. In the university, earning a masters degree takes only 2 years but students can also choose the accelerated Berkeley engineering professional masters program which graduated students only pursue for one year. In addition, all the graduate students have to complete two minors which include some fields outside the school of engineering.

University of Pennsylvanian

All the engineering students in this institution engage in a lot of research. The school has 6 high class research laboratories which students use to conduct research which range from computer graphics, biomedical engineering, animation and nanotechnology. Apart from these laboratories, the university boasts of having many institutes and research centers which include the center for engineering cells and regeneration, Penn center for bioinformatics, and the institute for medicine and engineering.

Boston University

The students in this university engage in a lot of research. This gets successful due to the high collaboration with the faculty which has won many awards. The faculty has contributed a lot to innovations. The institution has 12 research centers and 20 laboratories. Students engage in lots of research which range from quantum imaging, neuromuscular research and robotics. Further, students do engage in part time or full time programs.

Rice University Brown

Biomedical engineering graduate students in this university can engage in research in collaboration with the school faculty or outside researchers to explore numerous topics. These topics range from geophysics to tissue engineering. The university also has over 20 institutes and research centers located within the Houston campus. The diverse research opportunities in this university supplement the degree offerings.

University of Washington

The university has over 33 research laboratories, research centers and institutions which are in the schools Seattle campus. At UW engineered biomaterials research center, professors and students work with the companies around the area to develop medical implants. Those students in the center for collaborative technology continuously work to develop a new and advanced platform for Microsoft. The school offers masters programs in the fields of pharmaceutical bioengineering, construction, aerospace engineering and computer science.




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