Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools In The World In 2015

Chemical engineering is one of the main branches of engineering that involves the application of experimental sciences such as physics and chemistry and life sciences like biochemistry, biology and microbiology with a combination of economics and mathematics to come transform, move, produce and correctly use materials, chemicals and energy.

Put simply, chemical engineering is the process of engineering chemicals with the aim of converting them or creating new elements and energy. A professional chemical engineer is tasked with the responsibility of converting raw products to a desirable end product.

Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools In The World

Chemical engineering as a field of study is very broad and often students who with to study this course will have to specialize and focus their studies on one specific area od studies. Students can choose to specialize in:

  • Food: A student who chooses to go this route will have the opportunity to use their chemical engineering knowledge in food preparation, creating new flavors and improving on existing ones, packaging, shelf life, nutritional value of foods and general hygiene.
  • Pharmaceuticals: If you choose to specialize in this field you will work in an environment where you will be involved in the production of medicine in large scale.
  • Petrochemicals: Specializing in this area of study will lead you to the field of production of new materials from natural gas and petroleum.
  • Environment: If this becomes your main concentration you will work in the area of monitoring the effect of chemical process on the environment.

Disclaimer: This ranking was made through available information to author and is meant to be another source of information only.It is not advisable to solely rely on this article for any decision making.

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Think you are cut out for this career? The good news is that you can pursue any of these disciplines by enrolling for a chemical engineering degree and subsequent master’s in any of these world-renown institutions.

Name of School
About the School
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Chemical Engineering The goal of the department is focused on education, research & social responsibility. Students earn undergraduate or master’s degree administered by the department.
California Institute of TechnologyThis school has a strong reputation in engineering research & chemical based innovations. Full student involvement, participation & proper knowledge application is emphasized in its curriculum.
Carnegie Mellon University Department of Chemical EngineeringThis institution is among the pioneers in chemical engineering knowledge. This university has a rich history in creativity & innovation.
University of Oxford This university has a world class research department. It has more than 80 highly academic staff and a treasure of vital resources.
Imperial College London Department of Chemical EngineeringThe university has students from different walks of life, different countries & cultures. The school offers exceptional learning experience.
The University of Tokyo The university offers technologically advanced learning and an environment where deep & thorough research is conducted. It is also geared towards ground breaking inventions.
University of Cambridge Department of Chemical EngineeringThe university merges physics, chemistry &biology. It has unmatched research programs for a chemical engineering program.
The university merges physics, chemistry &biology. It has unmatched research programs for a chemical engineering program.Enrollees are to provide entry requirements before being accepted into the institution. Bachelor degree programs are initially taught in German & on the the 2nd or 3rd year, courses are taught in English.
Birmingham UniversityThis university focuses on an intense curriculum. This is perfect if you want to find new &unique ways in applying what was learned in the lecture rooms.
Seoul National UniversityThe chemical engineering program is highly ranked as the 6th best in Asia & 35th in the world. Prospective students expect to interact & learn from highly-educated faculty members.


World’s Top 10 Chemical Engineering Schools 


MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYInterested students can pursue an undergraduate or master’s degree in chemical engineering which is taught by the MIT chemical engineering department. The mission of this department is mainly focused on education, research and social responsibility.

The curriculum taught at MIT educates its students on chemical, physical and biological processes, how to notice and solve complex issues, engineering design, academia, as well as many other issues that would come into play once they start working professionally as chemical engineers.
All chemical engineering students are required to undertake and complete a certain degree of research so as to satisfy the course requirements.
The institute also places a lot of emphasis on leadership skills and also instills a high levels of social responsibility on all its students. Students who successfully complete the chemical engineering course are expected to become problem solvers once they are released back into the society.


Carnegie Mellon UniversityInterested students can pursue an education in chemical engineering at the Carnegie Mellon University. This institution is one of the pioneers in the field of chemical engineering. It has a long and rich history in creativity and innovation. The university offers interested students an opportunity to pursue either an undergraduate or graduate degree.
The department places a great deal of importance on excellence and success is only guaranteed to those who produce high quality work and those who showcase innovation and have a vision. The University concentrates all of its efforts in producing all round individuals and those that will in turn become leaders in their fields of practice and change society with their new and visionary innovations. All students who pass through this institution will acquire high level problem solving skills.


UNIVERSITY OF OXFORDOxford University is based in the UK and is known the world offer for offering high quality education to all of its students. Students interested in studying chemical engineering can sign up for a course running for four years and spend the last year on a work project. The benefits of enrolling oneself into Oxford University is the simple fact that you would be undertaking your studies in a world class research department. The university prides itself with having over 80 highly academic staff and a wealth of important resources.


IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDONBased in the UK, the Imperial London College offers a program in chemical engineering and it is taught under the faculty of natural sciences. The department that is charged with educating the students on the same is the department of chemistry. It boasts of having the biggest chemistry departments in the whole of UK and is recognized internationally for its curriculum, teaching and research. The university has students from all works of life who come from different countries and cultures. All these minds who share a common love for the sciences meeting in one place can only mean that a student will have an exceptional learning experience once they enroll to study at the institution.


UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGEStudents who are interested in pursuing an education in the field of chemical engineering at the university of Cambridge can access the department of chemical engineering and biotechnology. The main aim of the department is to produce industrial, academic and entrepreneurial leaders of the the future. The education offered by this university is a merge between physics, chemistry and biology. Their research programs are unmatched to many others out there and this is what makes it so appealing to study for a chemical engineering program at the university of Cambridge.


UNIVERSITY OF TOKYOThis university is based in Tokyo, Japan and the chemical engineering course is taught under the faculty of sciences under the department of chemistry. This is the best institution to enroll in if you often want to solve something which has always been considered mysterious. The university offers a technologically advanced environment and a place where deep and thorough research can be conducted and ground breaking inventions can be discovered. If you find that you are always or constantly asking yourself “how come” or “why?”, then you should seriously consider enrolling for a chemical engineering program at the esteemed and world-renown University of Tokyo.


ETH ZURICHThe chemical engineering program is taught under the careful supervision of the department of engineering sciences. ETH Zurich is a reputable institution of higher learning based in Switzerland. Any student who wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering would have to satisfy some entry requirements before they can be accepted into the institution. It is important for one to know that all bachelor degree programmes start in German. It’s only in the 2nd or 3rd years that some of the courses are taught in English. It is therefore important that you get to know the entry requirements before you make your final decision on whether or not you can enroll to study chemical engineering in this university.


California Institute of TechnologyThe institute is also fondly referred to as Caltech and it is based in the United States of America. It has a strong reputation is engineering research and many chemical based innovations have come from students who studied at this institution. The curriculum approach is one that emphasizes on full student involvement and participation as well as proper application of the knowledge acquired.khan


SEOUL NATIONAL UNIVERSITYThis institution is a national institution for research that came into existence in the year 1946. The University is based in Seoul which is the capital city of Korea. The chemical engineering program that is offered in this institution is highly rated as being the 6th best in Asia and 35th in the world. Prospective students can expect to interact and learn from a highly educated faculty and get the all important practical component that comes with studying this program.


10BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITYThis university is based in the UK and also has a strong foundation in the engineering sciences. It is a perfect university for chemical engineering students who wish to put all their focus on an intense curriculum and those who want to find new and unique ways to apply what they are taught in the lecture rooms.


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