Top 10 Best Automotive Engineering Schools and Colleges in United States in 2015

Anyone trying to find a career in the automotive industry may spend many hours trying to select the best university or college. What you should realize while selecting a school is that what happens outside the class is equally important to what happens inside the class. The best universities will not only teach you the technical skills you require to get into the automotive industry, but will also provide you with a good chance of participating in extra curricular activities, give you a chance to build more knowledge on businesses, and also give you a chance to gain more work experience. The top ten universities in the United States which will provide you with all these chances are

Kettering university flint mi

Kettering university flint miFor any person considering a career in the automotive engineering field, this college is amongst the best choices in the United States. Their bachelor’s degree course in the industrial engineering stands out due to the concentration in mechanical engineering. Furthermore, the university has consistently appeared as number one in the ranking of non PhD granting universities. The university’s graduates easily find internships in the US biggest vehicle manufacturers. In addition, the university provides a masters of Science degree in automotive engineering whose programs include occupant safety and financial management and electives in fuel science.

Clemson University Clemson, SC

Clemson University Clemson, SCThe university has a very strong mechanical engineering programs which highly emphasizes on innovation and business skills in its all levels. The university ranks as number 21 among all the public university in the USA. Any mechanical engineering student aspiring to specialize in the auto sector may get involved with the society of automotive engineers and the high performing formula competition teams.

University of Michigan

University of MichiganThe school has a long history of over 140 years in mechanical engineering research and teaching. The mechanical engineering students in this school participate in the formula SAE and the solar car racing teams. Furthermore, the students enjoy the opportunity of having to choose from a variety of internships and coops and also the chance of participating in the summer research programs.

Michigan technical university

Michigan technical university copyThe university has ranked among the top 13 universities in the USA for the last 29 years. The university is able to attract mechanical engineering students due to industry capstones projects in the senior year, the specialized and advanced automotive engineering laboratory and the ability to complete a masters program in just one year. In addition, mechanical engineering students gets a chance to participate in the EcoCAR, formula SAE, snow mobile and Baja competition teams.

Purdue University Indianapolis

Purdue University IndianapolisThis college of engineering is among the largest universities within the United States. The university has an interdisciplinary ethos which provides its students with a good opportunity of studying a wide course. The university ranks as number 15 in the United States. Its graduates get internships and coops in some large companies, which include Honda. Furthermore, the university has 2 advanced research laboratories. The students also get a chance to participate in EcoCAR, formula SAE, and solar car racing teams.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M UniversityUS news and world reports rates this university as the 10th due to its bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. The students undertaking mechanical engineering degree in this university gets a chance of joining the Formula SAE racing team, gets a minor course in business and also has a chance of acquiring a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree in just 5 years.

Georgia institute of technology

Georgia institute of technologyThis university’s school of mechanical engineering totally changed its mechanical engineering program to offer special flexibility. Its students now get a chance to select a multidisciplinary path or totally concentrate in a specialized area. This program now ranks as the third in the USA.

California tech

California tech copyThe university interdisciplinary focuses in new technical developments within the mechanical engineering field. Times higher education ranks this university as the world’s number one university.

Michigan State

Individuals who choose to study the mechanical engineering course find a curriculum with a great focus on designing, building and testing projects. The university has 4 intensive designing courses, an optional humanitarian course, participation in the Baja solar car, Formula SAE racing teams and a fully sponsored capstone course.

University of California

The schools mechanical degree program is highly popular due to its exceptional focus and opportunities to develop great projects. This university provides its students with budding entrepreneurs, design clinics where they get advice on worldwide industry project and the opportunity to focus in the automotive relevant fields.




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