Top 10 Best Online Petroleum Engineering Degree In The World In 2015

A degree in petroleum engineering from a reputable institution of the world can guarantee to get attractive job opportunities has the field of petroleum is rapidly expanding these days. Many institutions all over the world have started online courses in this respect for the convenience of the students to get the best qualification for a successful career in this field.

Brief information about some of the best online petroleum degrees in the world in 2015 is provided here under for your reference. You can enrol yourself in any of them if you are eligible for it.

University Of Adelaide

UoA_logo_vert_cmykThis Australian university Is offering online petroleum engineering degree program under the guidance of ASP or Australian School of Petroleum after the merger of the National Centre for Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and the School of Petroleum Engineering and Management. Today it is one of the worlds engineering schools offering petroleum engineering degree under widespread courses including petroleum geo-science, extensive research and integrated teaching of engineering courses.

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M UniversityThose who are interested in studying under the Harold Vance Department can enrol with Texas A&M University as it is one of the top universities of USA offering online degree courses. They have also established a branch in Qatar to facilitate the students of that region to get an engineering degree in one of the most flourishing fields these days. You can study various types of activities including the evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs etc. in this institution. Increasing involvement of computer technology in every field of study has enabled students to study online at their convenient time.

Colorado School Of Mines

Colorado School Of MinesThis mining institute situated in the State of Colorado, US provide high level education online with a mission to educate all the petroleum engineers to serve petroleum industry all over the world. Though they provide undergraduate and graduate level education to their students but also expect them to add new dimensions to their technical knowledge by conducting researches for the benefit of petroleum industry. 

University Of New South Wales

University Of New South WalesIt is another Australia based university that offer online petroleum engineering degree by teaching them under the School Of Petroleum Engineering or SCOPE since 1985. It was started as a joint venture between UNSW and the Australian petroleum industry. The undergraduate and graduate degree in petroleum engineering of this university is recognised all over the world as it is one of the oldest institutions providing technical professionals to petroleum industry.

University Of Texas

University Of TexasStudents interested in studying the engineering programs in geosystems and petroleum can enrol with this Austin, Texas based university. It is one of the institutions of the world that are known for their high quality education standards. The under-graduation and graduation degrees in petroleum engineering provided by this university are considered among the top 5 since its inception in 1930.

University Of Manchester

University Of ManchesterThis university also offers online degree in petroleum engineering if the students fulfil the prerequisites for their enrolment. Students can improve the chances of getting the best career opportunities in petroleum industry after completing their four years degree program through this university. This university develops its students as al rounders as they tech business and communication skills along with routine courses of petroleum engineering.

Curtin University

Curtin UniversityThis Australian university is also considered among the universities offering the top degrees in petroleum engineering due to its high class faculty. Along with theoretical knowledge they also offer practical training to their students for their all round development. They also offer on-site training at the oil hub in their premises to the students studying petroleum engineering online.

University Of Stavanger

University Of StavangerThis Norway based university offers the opportunities of research in the field of petroleum engineering to its students. The petroleum engineering degree from this university is popular among the private as well as governmental organisations dealing in discovery and production of petroleum.

Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt UniversityThis is a UK based university that is known to provide the best petroleum engineers to the whole world. The students of this university study under the guidance of petroleum engineering department to get degree in petroleum engineering.

Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Universiti Teknologi Petronas copyThe world famous Petronas Company of Malaysia has owned this institution to provide one of the top online petroleum engineering degrees which include training along with academic knowledge. One can improve the chances of employment in petroleum industry after taking a degree from this institute. 



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