Top 10 Best Undergraduate Engineering Schools in The World in 2015

If you are interested in pursuing a degree in engineering, you must make some choices. The ranking of universities considers the research, teaching, international outlook and knowledge transfer. The top ten universities in the world offering undergraduate engineering programs include;

Massachusetts institute of technology

MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGYThe university has been offering engineering programs to its students for over 150 years. In these years, the university has produced over 70 Nobel laureates. 8 of the Nobel laureates are part of the university’s faculty. The university situated in 168 acres of land offers a wider range of courses to its students who are over 10000. Some of the courses include arts and social sciences, humanities, engineering, health sciences and technology, science, architecture and planning.

Tshinghua University

Tshinghua UniversityIt is located in Beijing china. It is a research institution. It began its operations in the year 1911. The university has a motto of dedication to academic excellence and the success of the Chinese society. Most of the graduates from this university have been supporting China technological industry. It has ranked among the top universities within china and worldwide.

University of California

University of California copyThe university has over 238700 students, 135900 staff members, 19700 faculty members and the living graduates from the university are over 1.6 million. The first campus was started in the year 1868. All its campuses enroll undergraduate and graduate students.

Stanford University

Stanford UniversityThis university is among the top in the world. It is also among the top fundraising institutions in the world. It raises over one billion dollars within a year. Some of their graduates are the founders of major companies in the world. These companies generate $2.7 trillion as their revenue in a year similar to what the tenth richest country generate in a year.

Nan yang technological university

NANYANG TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITYThe university started in the year 1980. Today it has grown to be a full-fledged research institute. It provides quality global education to a large number of students. It has a population of over 32500 postgraduate and undergraduate students. In the year 2014 the university stood among top universities globally and number one among the world’s youngest universities.

Georgia institute of technology

Georgia Institute of TechnologyIt is a public research institution in Atlanta Georgia. The university started in the year 1885. By then, the university only offered one degree program-mechanical engineering. By the year 1901, the university expanded to include other engineering programs. Today the university has six colleges which specialize in science and technology programs.

National university of Singapore

NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPOREIt is a university in Singapore which started in the year 1905 and therefore the oldest university in Singapore. The university is also the largest in the country in terms of the curriculum it offers and the number of students’ enrollment. It has appeared among the top universities in the world for a number of times due to the quality of education it offers to its students mostly in the engineering field. It engages in many researches which aim at improving lives. Furthermore, in its researches, it partners with government entities and companies.

Zhejiang University

Zhejiang UniversityThe university founded in the year 1897 is a national university and also one of the oldest universities in china. This university located in Hangzhou is a member of the C9. The university’s collections contain over 7 million volumes, which makes it proud of having one of the largest libraries in the world.

Hong Kong polytechnic university

Hong Kong polytechnic universityThe university is government funded and located in Hong Kong. The university started in the year 1937 although it upgraded into a full university in the year 1994. This university has an international student community and faculty. Additionally it has a global network in over 47 regions and countries. It has over 440 institutions. Hong Kong polytechnic university offers 220 sub degree programs, undergraduate and post graduate programs. It enrolls over 32000 students in every year.

Harbin institute of technology

Harbin institute of technologyThe university is among the top universities offering engineering undergraduate courses. It has a global research reputation and among the C9 league in china. It has three campuses which have a large number of students. This university engages in numerous research and projects based on official secrets like defense related sciences and space sciences. When it comes to engineering and local sciences, the university is among the top universities in the world. It is among the ten universities that have designed, build and finally launched their own satellite. They launched theirs in the year 2004.


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