Top 10 Environmental Engineering Schools In The World In 2015

One cannot afford to underestimate the role played by learning institutions in shaping our futures. They have a direct influence on how people make decisions that end up affecting our surrounding. The environment we live in is also considered to be a very important aspect of our lives. This is one of the main reasons as to why we have environmental engineering schools. For any person looking to take up this course, there are several options available around the world. Here are the world top 10 environmental engineering schools.

Top 10 Environmental Engineering Schools In The World

Disclaimer: This ranking was made through available information to author and is meant to be another source of information only.It is not advisable to solely rely on this article for any decision making.

What is environmental engineering?



1This campus basically stands among the old universities located in Australia. They are really committed to making sure that the students who pass through the institution realize the importance of preserving the environment. It stands out as one of the top Australian Universities and is known for putting a strong emphasis on the environment.



HARVARD UNIVERSITYAs it stands, Harvard is a name that is associated with excellence as far as education matters are concerned. This is what the students getting enrolled into this learning institute stand to gain. Harvard University’s School of Engineering and  Applied Sciences is known for offering a comprehensive curriculum which aims to equip the students with knowledge to deal with environmental problems. It is also recognized internationally and this is also a testament to the level of excellence it seeks to maintain. The enironmental engineering offered at Harvard educates prospective students in matters of earth systems, water quality, environmental fluid dynamics among other important topics. Any student withing to enroll into Harvard University will definitely benefit from the best of the best when it comes to educators and they will engage in ground breaking research by the time they complete their course. 



CHARLES DARWIN UNIVERSITYThis is an ancient Australian University that is known to date back all the way into the fifties. Over the years, it has developed into a reputable institution known to produce students who are able to compete internationally. This university is also known to offer diverse courses such as law and medicine geared towards producing well rounded students.



MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT)This is one of the best universities around the world when it comes to natural sciences. It actually ranks among the top five institutions worldwide when it comes to environmental engineering. This is one institution known for its great laboratories which provide a great environment for research. The environmental program offered at MIT includes courses that cover topics such as earth and planetary sciences, environmental policy and its management, plant biology, integrative biology among many others. The course is geared towards creating an apt individual who is conversant in all matters concerning the environment. The environmental engineering program offered at MIT is considered very prestigious the world over and is geared towards producing problem solvers. 



GRIFFITH UNIVERSITYThis is considered by many Australians to be among the main educators as far as the environmental matters are concerned. It also stands out among the reputable institutions around the world. It has five campuses which are well positioned in the Southern Queensland coast where there is good flora and fauna. The university is rich in tradition and history and both students and faculty of the institution work together in groups in doing research and design new projects. All the environmental engineering courses offered in Griffith University equip the students with the knowledge of how to produce clean energy, the quality of air, how to use sustain resources and other issues related to the environment. 



UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGEIf you happen to be in the United Kingdom then Cambridge is one of the oldest institutions in this region. This university tends to place a lot of emphasis on environmental initiatives. They tend to look at things such as wastes, energy, hazards as well as conservation.



NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPOREFor those looking to pursue studies in Asia, this happens to be one of the most prestigious learning institutions in Asia. There is a high focus in trying to maintain environmental sustainability. This university is dedicated to improvement and this is evident in the number of research centers found in the institution.



IMPERIAL COLLEGE LONDONThis is considered by many people in the United Kingdom to be one of the biggest names when it comes to research and educations, medicine and other fields. It provides a link between environmental issues and the development issues. The Imperial College London offers its environmental engineering course with the aim of promoting and developing practices and behaviors that sustain a healthy environment. It offers vast education to the future visionaries who will lead the campaign of taking care of our environment. Any student wishing to enroll in this college will benefit from professional and highly trained educators who have a lot of experience in all matters conserving the environment. 



 LUND UNIVERSITYScandinavian countries are known to provide some of the best academic institutions around the world. This University is situated in Sweden and it actually stands out among the largest Scandinavian Universities. They try to focus on research and education and this ends up producing students who are able to contend with what the environment requires off them. This institution has also carved a niche for itself for using creative research methods for research while also using innovative methods to pass on the information to the students.



FUDAN UNIVERSITYChina is known mainly because of the high amount of population it has. This also means that there is a need to have good learning institutions where knowledge can be passed to the big population. This is what Fudan University offers. This is among the oldest universities in China. At the same time, this is an institution famed for being quite selective when it comes to admissions.


Maintaining our environment is a huge responsibility that the human race has to shoulder. This can be done by ensuring we have good institutions willing to pass down the information to the rest of the world. If you are looking to gain such knowledge then you are welcomed to join any of the world top 10 environmental engineering schools.

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