Top Mechanical Engineering Schools in the US

So, you are considering joining one of the mechanical engineering schools here in the US. When we think mechanical engineering the first name that comes to mind is Henry Ford. You probably did not know that the industrial pioneer went to a less than exclusive college. The point we are trying to make is that often careers in mechanical engineering are synonymous with Ivy League schools. This should never discourage you from pursuing something you are passionate about.

That being said, it can be difficult to weed through all the different options when it comes to choosing a school that fits you. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of the top mechanical engineering schools in the US to help you take the leap into your future. We suggest applying to all of the schools that you are interested in and we will also help you with some tips that the schools tend to love.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Acceptance Rate: 8.2%
  • Total Students: 11,301
  • Income Freshmen: 1,115
  • Average SAT Score: 2235
  • Tuition: $46,000/year
  • Male/Female Ratio: 63%/37%

Yeah, we went there. Better known as MIT, this elite university offers one of the best mechanical engineering programs in the nation. It is ranked the best engineering school in Massachusetts and the second best research school in the nation. When you stop to think about how many prestigious schools there are in Massachusetts, this is VERY impressive.

MIT is located in a heavily student populated area, so the area’s security sometimes receives a bad reputation. The college campus itself is said to have a small security staff and this can sometimes lead student astray. In our opinion, any campus can be a little bit rambunctious sometimes.

Admissions Advice: MIT has this banner weighing heavy over its doors that says ‘perfection’. They did not put it there and they want people to know it. They often ask applicants to explain and share weaknesses and tell how they hope to overcome difficulty. MIT loves exposure and transparency.

Stanford University

Stanford, California

  • Acceptance Rate: 5.1%
  • Total Students: 18,346
  • Income Freshmen: 1,677
  • Average SAT Score: 2210
  • Tuition: $44,000/year
  • Male/Female Ratio: 57%/43%

Do not get discouraged by the extremely low acceptance rate here. Stanford is located in very populated California. Naturally they receive more applicants than most other states. It has earned the best ranking for mechanical engineering programs in the state. No surprise there. What may surprise though is the average class size. Generally there are between 2 and 9 students in a course block! This gives you the opportunity for an incredible learning experience.

Like MIT, Stanford has received some criticism for its campus security. When you are in that populated of an area and surrounded by 18,000 other peers it can be pretty difficult to keep everything monitored. No worries though, there are very rarely any violent mishaps on campus.

Admission Advice: Stanford itself has claimed that they have a hard time accepting an applicant that seems to have ‘packaged’ themselves. Make sure that when you apply you use YOUR voice, do not make a laundry list. Instead, share what you are passionate about, what you hope to accomplish, and what value you can bring to the school.

University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Acceptance Rate: 33.3%
  • Total Students: 43,710
  • Income Freshmen: 6,200
  • Average SAT Score: 2060
  • Tuition: $40,000/year out of state, $13,000/year in state
  • Male/Female Ratio: 52%/48%

Unless you live in Michigan, you might not have heard too much about this university. It is often overshadowed by some of the more exclusive schools but shines in the field you are interested in. UMICH has the second best engineering program in the country and is the number one public research university. You can imagine our surprise too when there are so many campuses that receive an absurd amount of funding.

If you do happen to live in the state, you are going to get an unbelievable education for pennies compared to what you would be paying elsewhere. The mechanical engineering program does seem to be a bit more selective when searching through applicants but has nowhere near the rate that other schools do.

Admission Advice: UMICH looks for the honest and inspired individuals. When you start filling out forms, think about what it is that you really care about. Ask yourself why you are applying and do not be afraid to put it on paper. They want to see just how dynamic you are. We all are dynamics, so our best advice would be, “be the best version of you”.

Summary & Expectations

You are getting ready to enlist in a program that averages over $60,000 a year right out of school. Awesome! It helps a ton that you love it to pieces too. You can expect finding the right school to be pretty difficult. The three schools we listed were hand picked by us for three reasons.

  1. Each school is located in an entirely different part of the country.
  2. Each school caters to a specific type of student, which is best for you?
  3. The colleges are highly ranked and promise to provide an unpredictable experience and unmatched education.

The choice is always yours, but you should take into consideration everything we have listed for you. Much could depend on where you are from, and if you would mind living a long way from home pursuing your college education. With the aforementioned schools you can be confident you are choosing the best that our country has to offer. And, these top mechanical engineering schools in the US all have one more thing in common that we forgot to add. They are waiting for YOU. Good luck!

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