Top 10 Petroleum Engineering Schools In The World In 2015

Petroleum engineering involves the exploration and extraction of petroleum based hydrocarbons like crude oil, natural gas and other energy forms from the earth for economic purposes. Petroleum engineering can only be undertaken through the design, drilling and successful operation of the wells and their systems. 

The study of this course in higher institutions of learning started way back in the year 1914. Since then, many universities have gone ahead to offer the program and many students have been successful in completing the program and have moved ahead and become professionals in the field. 

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If you are one of those who have seriously contemplated undertaking a course in petroleum engineering, you need to have excellent skills in subjects such as:

  • mathematics
  • physics
  • chemistry
  • geology

Most often than not, studying a degree in petroleum engineering will result in you studying a few other fields of engineering that include mechanical, chemical and civil engineering. 

Petroleum Engineering Schools In The World

The best way to offset a career as a petroleum engineer is to enroll for a bachelor’s degree course.

There are very many institutions and colleges that offer accredited and certified programs. Most of these universities or colleges offer interested students a full time course that runs for five years and once completed it can be followed up with a master’s degree. 

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Best Petroleum Engineering Schools

The following are some of the institutions that offer programs in petroleum engineering:


TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITYStudents interested in studying this program would have to enroll at the Texas A&M University under the Harold Vance Department. According to statistics, the undergraduate and graduate program offered in this University were among the 1st and 2nd in the United States. 
T&M University has a branch in Qatar that was established in the year 2003 and the branch has offered these degrees. There, there is a mixed selection of female and male students undertaking the course. 
Students are taught to do a variety of activities which include evaluating gas and oil reservoirs. 
Most students also have to study some elements of chemical and civil engineering. 
With the advancement of technology, all students studying this course have to have inside knowledge on advancements in computer technology and systems. 


UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDEThe University of Adelaide is based in Australia. The petroleum engineering program is taught under the Australian School of Petroleum or ASP as a result of a merger between the school of petroleum engineering and management and the national center for petroleum geology & geophysics. 
The Australian School of Petroleum is just one of the few schools in the whole world that offer a comprehensive curriculum in that covers wide research, petroleum geo-science, integrated teaching, management and of course engineering. 


UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALESThe University is based in Australia and the program is taught under the school of petroleum engineering also abbreviated as SCOPE. The school was started in the year 1985 after a joint initiative between the petroleum industry and UNSW. 
Students who are interested in pursuing this course will be happy to know that the University of South Wales is known all over the world as the university that has offered graduate and undergraduate petroleum training for the longest time. 


COLORADO SCHOOL OF MINESThe Colorado school of Mines is located in the State of Colorado in the U.S. The mission of this institution to provide high level education to all engineers and prepare them for the petroleum industry worldwide. The school provides both undergraduate and graduate levels and all students who study in this institution are expected to conduct research that adds new dimensions to technological advancements in the petroleum industry. 
The Colorado School of Mining achieves its mission by offering active leadership as a firm foundation for students undertaking the different programs. 
The petroleum engineering program places its emphasis of research, high quality instruction and classroom teamwork. 


UNIVERSITY OF MANCHESTERProspective petroleum engineering students who wish to study at the University of Manchester will be required to satisfy stipulated entry requirements and once they enroll they will undertake the program for a duration of four years. Students who graduate from The University of Manchester with a degree have a higher chance of being employed and the program offered by this university is internationally recognized by market leaders in the oil industry. All students who pursue this course in this institution leave the university as all rounders as the course also requires them to learn communication and business skills. 


THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXASBased in Austin, Texas, this university. Interested individuals can enroll for the petroleum engineering and geosystems program at the University Of Texas. The institution came to be in the year 1930 and it’s the one institution that offers the highest quality program in the world. Its undergraduate course is considered number 2 in the world. 


 UNIVERSITY OF STAVANGERThe University of Stavanger is located in Norway. Research in the field of petroleum engineering is conducted at the international Research Institute. This University is so well known that it is often sought after by government agencies and private firms in all matters discovery and economic production of petroleum. 
The program that is offered by this university focuses its attention to engineering, drilling, petroleum geosciences and production engineering, natural gas engineering, reservoir engineering, investment as well as decision analysis. The University offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees to interested students. 


CURTIN UNIVERSITYCurtin University is based in Australia and its faculty can only be referred to as high class. The university offers adequate training to all those that are interested in this field. Additional advanced classes are also on offer and a unique on-site training program at the oil hub in the institution are a definite plus for any interested student. 


UNIVERSITI TEKNOLOGI PETRONASThis institution is owned by the world renown Petronas Company based in Malaysia. The school is also just as well known when it comes to petroleum engineering and related academics and training. It’s never a big deal to find employment once you are done studying your program in this institution.


HERIOT-WATT UNIVERSITYThis University is located in the U.K and has long been known as the home of the best petroleum engineers. Prospective students can undertake the petroleum degree program under tutelage of the petroleum engineering department.

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  6. University of Manchester doesn’t run a Petroleum Engineering degree as such as far as I know. If so it’s very recent.
    Imperial College London runs a world renowned master’s in Petroleum Engineering.

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