What is biomedical engineering?

Biomedical engineering is the new field that involves application of the engineering design concepts and principles to biology and medicine for healthcare purpose. It helps in closing the gaps between medicine and engineering as it combines problem solving skills and design of engineering with biological and medical sciences. This is done in an attempt of advancing healthcare treatment including diagnosis, therapy and monitoring. It also includes research and development that spans across a broad array of subfields like orthopedic BME, neural BME and cardiovascular BME. 

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Applications of biomedical engineering

The prominent applications of this field includes development of the biocompatible prostheses, different diagnostic and medical devices ranging from micro-implants to clinical equipments, regenerative tissue growth, common imaging equipments including EEGs and MRIs, therapeutic biological and pharmaceutical drugs. It includes exploring medicines and life science as it is concerned with the living systems as it is a systematic approach for development and exploring healthcare, biology and medicine field. 

The significance of biomedical engineering

It is a cutting edge career path that involves application of the engineering principles to the medicines, human body and way biology works for creating life. It makes use of scientific discoveries and principles with clear focus in the pragmatic applications in the healthcare field. It enables biomedical engineers to solve the health issues of the world with the incredible potential of the different fields of study. Biomedical engineering is a field that seeks to find an answer to the global disparity that exists in the quality of health of people across the world. This field of study has a profound effect on the future of the mankind which is possible with the technological advances which can be beneficial to the masses. 

Importance of biomedical engineers for the society

The professionals of bioengineering encompasses helping people and for the betterment of the mankind. This is an excellent career as it can have an incredible direct to consumer impact by providing them with organs that are needed for an implant. Biomedical engineers are responsible for designing and creating important diagnostic equipment and installing it in health care institutions. They also train other professionals for using these equipments properly and they also help people with physical disability in fitting the devices and instructing them the most effective way of using these devices. Their tasks are interesting as well as challenging as they need to create complicated machines that are needed in diagnostic rooms and big hospitals. The perform life saving action everyday for saving people and providing them with the right treatment that is needed for sick people. Apart from installation of the different diagnostic machines and training people for using them, these professionals are also responsible for checking the functions of these machines. These machines are not 100% safe and might face some kind of problems which makes it very important for these professionals to look for technical problems with the medical equipments. Their task also includes designing and analyzing solutions to problems in medicine and biology with the primary goal of improving the effectiveness and quality of patient care. They work with doctors as well as medical scientists for designing and researching various kinds of medical equipments, developing chemical medical products and designing equipments like artificial limbs. They even take care of different equipments like pacemakers, kidney machines as well as CAT scanners. 

Biomedical engineering is a diverse field that deals with creation of the tissue engineering, synthetic drugs, finding cures to Alzheimer’s and stem cell research. It also involves making drugs for lifelong diseases and chronic illnesses along with designing devices for supporting and enhancing life of people who are need of immediate medical treatment and assistance. It is a completely different field as compared to the other engineering fields as it has changed from an interdisciplinary specialization to an already established field. It is a broad category encompassing all the health care products that are used for5 the treatment and care of patients along with biological products like vaccines and chemical or pharmaceutical products. These medical products and devices are used for the diagnosis of the disease and treatment of different conditions successfully. These products are also used for the prevention, treatment, cure and mitigation of the different diseases. 





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